Shocked Patron asks - Den Weh D'Angel Deh - As Beenie Man cuddles Barbee at Sumfest


Beenie Man&BarbeeSumfest.jpgZenith night at the recent Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest was a blast out of this world in more ways than one for Beenie Man and his "huggie bear" Barbee. Caught in plain view - cheek to cheek and utterly lovey dovey, for all eyes to see, The Doctor seemed to be putting in some overtime with one of his colleagues - Barbee.

Barbee, who was no stranger to the 2007 Sumfest crowd, was called up on the Sumfest stage by the Dancehall Giant to perform a duo with him during his electrifying Thursday night performance. She also appears in Beenie Man's latest video and is featured on his album, Undisputed.

"What a way him bright," a concerned patron exclaimed as she voiced her displeasure of seeing Beenie Man with a woman other than his wife. "Den wey D'Angel deh?" the audience member said.

It was at Reggae Sumfest last year that Beenie Man and a very pregnant D'Angel also sang and smooched together. D'ngel's reaction to all this, "Talk to Moses not me."

Now the whole world is asking, is this the end of a romantic yet tumultuous saga with D'Angel, an interesting twist or is it a strategic PR move for both the Doctor and possibly soon to be Nurse Barbee.