Bounty Killer and Ninja Man to give peace a chance at Reggae Carifest 2007



Anticipation is high for Reggae Carifest 2007, as feuding Dancehall deejays the 'Warlord' Bounty Killer and the 'Don Gorgon' Ninja Man are set to share the stage as headliners for the 10th annual staging on August 25th at Randall's Island in New York. Marking Ninja Man's first U.S. performance in 15 years, Dancehall patrons from near and far and anxious for the long awaited 'return of the Gorgon', particularly in light of the recent physical confrontation between the two deejays and their entourages in Trinidad.

While Dancehall community is buzzing with rumors of a stage 'clash' between the two warring deejays, Carifest promoters Team Legendary are vehemently fighting rumors that the two will face-off at the concert.

"Our theme this year is 'Coming full Circle, Give Peace a Chance,'" states D'Niscio Brooks of Team Legendary. "We are not promoting any clashing, this is all about promoting peace and love, between the artists, between the patrons, and just in general-peace, love, and music."

The reported friction between the two deejays came to a head two weeks ago, when a physical confrontation erupted between the two men and their entourages at a stage show in Trinidad. According to a press statement released by Alliance Entertainment, Ninja Man received a 'lock ears box' from a member of Killer's entourage after Ninja hurled insults at Killer as the two passed each other at the venue. An ugly fracas resulted, that was quickly subdued with no reported injuries.

Ninja, once known as the 'front teet, gold teet' Don Gorgon recently announces that he was officially dislodging his 'gun pon teet,' and has moved toward making music with a positive and uplifting message, one that he plans to deliver at Reggae Carifest.

"If you see Ninja Man now you see him in all white. That is all I wear for I want to be a beacon, a light for the world to see. The business need some change. The artist and them have to bring some love back in the music so the youth can have something to look towards," states Ninja. "We need to bring back the love and Reggae Carifest has always been a show that is about the love of the business."

Reggae Carifest 2007 will be held on August 25th at Randall's Island in New York City, and also features Buju Banton, Lucky Dube, Mavado, Third World, Pinchers, Collie Buddz, Merciless, Yellow Man, the Demus Family, the New Kingston Band, I-Sasha, and Khari Kill.