Reggae Sumfest 2018

Stereograph, Killamanjaro and Iconic DJ Friends make history in Negril


speaker-box.jpgBy: Djenaba Whyte

Two of the most monumental sounds in reggae music, Stereograph and Killamanjaro, came together for the first time ever on July 7 for a night called, "History Bash." Ricky Motors in Negril became the scene of an all-star affair that lasted well into the dawn.

Since the 70s both sound systems have provided Jamaica and the world with moving reggae music and "History Bash" was no exception. With their wide selection of sounds as well as the first class legendary line-up of guest DJs, Stereograph and Killamanjaro really rocked the crowd.

Stereograph began the night on a righteous note and continued in that vein until the very end. As DJs like, Daddy Roy, General Trees, Jose Wales, Little Twitch, Puddy Roots, Principal Grumby, and Natty Pablo took to the mike, the crowd became spell bound. The pouring forth of endless tunes about community awareness, family values, and most importantly love made it easy for patrons to simply fall under their reggae thumping spell.

At one in the morning radio personality Barry G, whose influence in reggae over the last 30 years has been incalculable, took the stage. It is quite fitting that he was chosen to bestow a well deserved lifetime achievement award on Daddy Roy who has been instrumental in advancing reggae music over the years. Daddy Roy has travelled the world with Stereograph, spreading the ideals ever present in all his songs – that stress the love of God, family and self.

On this high note Killamanjaro made their entrance. Another award was handed out, and this time it went to, Daddy Jaro. The ever progressive sound Killamanjaro was created by Daddy Jaro over 30 years ago and since then not a moment of music history has escaped this sound system. The well renowned sound took a moment or four to remind patrons that this was not a clashing event. After this was cleared up they went into their first set with a fury.

As "Dons" of the reggae scene, they proved their worth over and over again, with Ricky Trooper on the turntables and featuring DJs such as Jr. Cat, Burro Banton, Barry Parker, Little Larry, Daddy Shark, Rankin Trevor and many more. Although the gun related tunes were played, there was an ever present plea for consciousness and an end to racism that is present in the reggae industry and the world.

Throughout the evening the sounds alternated, keeping the crowd rocking until the very end. Lyrics touched on many hot topics and the reiteration of these facts left a noteworthy effect on the audience. This was definitely not a show tainted with talk of violence. Look out for Stereograph along with Queen Ifrica at Rough House in Negril on July 28, 2007.

Reggae Sumfest 2018


Reggae Sumfest 2018