OFMB Presents Reggae For Christ wins Top Caribbean Gospel Music Award


By: Janice Dayle

christgodgospel.jpgTennyison Walters of OFMB Records said, "It is about Our Father's Music Business, not our earthly, but our Heavenly Father," as he explained the acronym, OFMB. The company, Our Father's Music Business Record Company Inc., was founded by husband and wife Tennyson and Karlene Walters ten years ago with a focus on producing songs of worship and praise. Today, OFMB represents and produces music for an impressive roster of artists.

On June 2, 2007 OFMB did Their Father proud by winning The Caribbean Gospel Music Award (CGMA), for Top Album of The Year.

OFMB Presents: Reggae For Christ Volume 1, won the 2007 CGMA at a ceremony held in New York. Richard Greene Junior High School was buzzing with excitement on CGMA night, as were all the singers and musicians featured on this fifth OFMB Records release, that actually received four nominations for the CGMAs this year.

Nominations were for Top Gospel CD or Group Caribbean USA: Reggae For Christ - Various Artists, Top Original Caribbean Gospel International Song: Yeah Man No Problem - Judy Mowatt and Top Caribbean Gospel Song International for title song: Reggae For Christ - Andrew Lawrence.

Founded seven years ago by the legendary Hopeton Lewis, the Caribbean Gospel Music Association hosted a week long celebration this year, that started with a family health forum on May 30th and 31st. On June 1st, a Praise and Worship gathering was held in Queens, followed by the June 2nd Awards Show. The festivities culminated on June 3rd with workshops and a formal banquet, hosted by Marie Garth.

"Christ said his purpose was to spread good news to the broken hearted, the downtrodden, to people who are in need of the great physician," Walters said, in expressing the motivation behind OFMB. "So the music that we try to present follows our motto that says, We Present Music That Speaks To The Soul and Enlightens Mankind," he expounded.

In describing further the meaning and purpose of OFMB, Walters said, "When Christ's mother was looking for him, and someone said - your parents are looking for you - he said - tell them I am about my Father's business."

That business of setting out to win more and more souls has seen OFMB artists travel throughout the world, spreading their edifying messages. They performed in China to sold out audiences on three separate tours. Walters attributes their success to OFMB's stance of holding fast to prayer and gearing everything towards ministry. "We interface and partner with many non - profit and charitable organizations, like Judy Mowatt's project in the District of Bath, St. Thomas, Jamaica, and others in South Africa and China.

With a new CD coming out in July 2007, OFMB is wasting no time in unveiling their wealth of tracks that feature sound musicianship, solid lyrics and strong deliveries - to the world. Entitled, Love Tree Inn, this much anticipated CD will include artists like Ritchie Stephens and Christopher Bentley from Inner Circle. Walters says this one continues in the same lyrical vein as Reggae For Christ, as it addresses many crucial societal issues. "For example, one song says - If you live by the sword you will die by the sword," Walters said.

Check for the Award winning, chart topping, Reggae For Christ CD at VP locations worldwide or at www.ofmb.com.