Mavado steams up Manhattan's Boucarou with his debut CD Launch


By: Janice Dayle

Photo by: Carlington Wilmot


"Bounty is the person who help me put food on the table"

VP Records and Fader Magazine held a scorching record listening session on June 14 at Boucarou in Manhattan to introduce Mavado's debut CD to the world. The 25 track CD entitled, Gangsta For Life: The Symphony of David Brooks was unleashed in powerful Mavado style, with the DJ pausing between songs to unload a few issues to media, fans and friends, that were pent up in his mind.

Mavado did not disappoint and that was no hard feat for this strong performer, who has been on a steady winning streak, soaring to the reggae top without looking back. At this special showcase of songs from the new album, Mavado's intense delivery had him almost drifting into melodious singing rifts.

His presentation was certainly gripping the audience and while he had them properly engaged, Mavado took the time to deliver damage controlling messages, in an effort to squash controversial hearsay currently circulating in dancehall news.

"People say that there is friction between me and Bounty Killa - but there is no such thing," Movado declared. Speaking with utmost sincerity, the DJ said there was no way that he and Bounty could kick off, when it was Bounty who made him able to buy his mother anything she desired. "Him is the person who help me put food on the table," Mavado said.

Conscious of the his influence and that of the lyrics he chooses to pen and spit, Mavado used this occasion to also explain the harsh implications of his album’s title, Gangsta For Life...

"Gangsta for life don't mean to go and kill and shoot," Mavado declared, but rather it talks about the experiences of growing up in the ghetto. He said that in the ghetto people have to grow up knowing how to survive, knowing the ropes. "There is no intention to incite violence or encourage gangsterism," Mavado explained, saying his lyrics reflect realities in the ghetto, that are not necessarily his own. "I sing about what I see in the ghetto, to let people have a better idea about what goes on in there," he stated.

Mavado said his deepest hope is for people to use his lyrical lessons as blessings and not perpetuate negativity as a result of his words.

Gangsta For Life: The Symphony of David Brooks, was produced by Stephen "The Genius McGregor, Trevor "Baby G" James, Dascaka, Foota Hype, Firelinks, Nikki Zee and DJ Liquid. One of the albums best tracks speaks to the sad reality of Mavado's father passing away last year. The combination with Busy Signal is another hot pick from this made to make it, scorching CD.