Elephant Man Gets Physical with P. Diddy


Elephant Man denounces the Pasa Pasa in the dancehall

By: C.J.
Staff Writer

elephantmanpdiddy_sexygirlsbeyonce_rihannajayz.jpgThe Energy God isn't slowing down anytime soon. As a matter of fact he is getting physical with Bad Boy Entertainment's CEO, P. Diddy, and naturally the assault is making headlines. Cops chased Elephant Man and his partner-in-crime, Haitian sensation, Wyclef Jean, through the streets of Miami. They ran, dodged and jumped off the roof of houses to avoid being incarcerated for having illegal paraphernalia in their vehicle. This is the scenario illustrated in Ele's first music video under P. Diddy's tutelage. Although it deviates from his signature dance songs, it is a "club banger." The song, Five-O, features both Diddy and Wyclef and is from Elephant's upcoming album, Let's get Physical. As evidenced by the name of the album, fans and critics will be treated to musical assaults of high impact.

The consistent hyperactive energy of the artiste combined with the hit making ability of the power producer, Diddy, will create tremors on air waves globally on August 14th when the album drops. Elephant Man embraced the opportunity to work under the Bad Boy umbrella after Diddy previewed him in concert last September and applauded his energy. The Dancehall Super Star diplomatically declined to comment on the terms and figures of the deal but was happy to add that, "VP was not left out of the deal. VP is the foundation and they made the deal happen."

With the backing of such a reputable label, Elephant's performance should charge into even higher gears. Traditionally his performances have been laced with stunts and theatrics without props. This new arrangement gives him access to better equip himself for climbing higher poles and flying over audiences. While reviewing his Five-O video at Atlantic Records corporate facade in New York City, Elephant Man shared some of his energetic motivations with YardFlex.com. According to Ele, "when an artiste performs on stage, (they) can't come with just one ammunition. Some of the people in the audience may be tired, they been waiting for hours to see me perform or they are in the back of the crowd. I have to get them in the moment and make them enjoy themself." Hence the reason for some of his pole climbing, speaker top and riding voluptuous women stunts. He also referred to Dancehall Pioneers Shabba Ranks, Lt. Stitchie, Super Cat and Ninja Man as motivators for the showcasing of his favorite costumes like Zorro, Jason and The Incredible Hulk. Elephant Man notes that they represented great examples of memorable performances. He is impressed with his predecessors and wants to represent what they did - their good showmanship.

Ele got a bit subdued at the mention of Ninja Man because it paved the way for YardFlex.com to broach the topic of the physical and verbal battles, currently dividing the Dancehall fraternity. With a fresh new multi-colored haircut, the high-profile artist defended the entertainment value of his brand, Elephant Man. "As you can see, the Pasa Pasa don't make any sense.

The (feud) will not allow the music to go to the next level," quipped Elephant Man as he responded to questions about his thoughts on the dissention among his peers within his genre, especially Beenie Man, Bounty Killa and Ninja Man. He continued, "Big-Up to Killa, Ninja and them, but I don't feel good to see them at odds. There should be Peace and Unity with a focus on selling Units (records)." The only battle Elephant is involved in is getting physical with P. Diddy, his new musical boss.

"I try to stay far from it," says Ele, "I don't need to war with anyone, it will only bring me down. I have my blessings to focus on and one day (all this negativity) will reach to a limit like Bogle." He is of course referring to the death of Dancehall Super Dancer, Bogle, who was gunned down as a result of a feud in the industry that went too far.

These days Ele is capitalizing on his new alliance with Bad Boys Entertainment and keeping his eye on the prize. He recognizes that Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is a well respected music executive who has an ear for recognizing great talent and developing big hits. In addition to touring, and honing his craft, this stable dancehall icon is embracing Diddy's vibes and aggressively attacking each beat he's decides to enhance with his vocals. The self-proclaimed "Anaconda" toting artiste reminds us that it is no secret that Puffy, as Diddy was once called, has "a link to all the producers he wants so, (he can) get every producer (he) wanna get to make great music." For this and many other reasons he is happy for his stint with Bad Boys. Overall, the reggae/dancehall sensation says, "The label will support me fully, it's nice, I enjoy working with Diddy." Elephant Mans story is a great feat not only for himself, but for Jamaica and Reggae. YardFlex will continue to follow him as he prospers with Diddy and the Bad Boy family. For the record, since Bad Boy is new to the Dancehall circuit, YardFlex.com extends a warm Congratulations for their acquisition of one of the hardest working artistes in the industry. It's a win win situation, as we are confident that Ele will continue to deliver.