YouTube ushers young Dutch singer into the Justin Timberlake limelight


By: CJ
Staff Writer

JustinTimberlake_timberland_popsexygirls.jpgIn a previous article I mentioned, "There's the internet, then there's MySpace," to demonstrate how the Internet today is a widespread information infrastructure that connects the global community regardless of geographic location. There was a glaring omission in my piece, as YouTube is also a part of the revolution. MySpace is to Telephone what YouTube is to Television. Where MySpace keeps friends’ friends connected, YouTube visualizes the creativity of the global community.

Case in point is Justin Timberlake's move to sign Dutch singer Esmee Denters. She is the first artist signed to his Tenman Records imprint and will release an album later this year.

Timberlake got wind of Denters as did 21 million other viewers who watched her perform covers of Beyonce, Prince and others on YouTube. What started as a pet project paid off for the Dutch Teen who began using her sister's webcam to film herself singing various Pop and R&B hits, which she posted on YouTube for feedback. Timberlake is ecstatic to work with Denters as he thinks she is the real deal and ... cannot wait for the world to hear her.

Not only will she release an original album on Justin Timberlake's label but she will also tour with him.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for this young singer. In statements, she thanked YouTube for providing the platform to showcase her talent. Denters also thanked Justin, "one of the biggest artists in the world, for believing in (her)."

Cases like Denters would not be possible were it not for the advent of the internet and more specifically YouTube. It will be interesting to see what other technological advances can top the internet, in terms of bringing the global community within reach of each other.