Mavado - "Gangsta For Life: The Symphony of David Brooks,"


Mavadogangstaforlife.jpgMavado, the turbulent genius taking dancehall by storm, brilliantly shines as the next star of his genre. Developing his artistry under the supervision of the dancehall icon Bounty Killer, Mavado crafted his sound into a class of its own. His bone chilling lyrics and raspy toned vocals resonate throughout the ghettos of Jamaica. In his tumultuous surroundings of Cassava Piece, Jamaica, Mavado tells a story of survival throughout his anticipated debut album, "Gangsta For Life: The Symphony of David Brooks," released on July 10th, 2007 by VP Records.

This carefully orchestrated street narrative, features the hustling anthem "Dreamin," one of his first famed singles of Jamaica produced by Daseca on the Riddim. The album continues with "Weh Dem A Do," the ever popular hit that was at heavy rotation on mainstream radio, like New York's Hot 97 and earned him major magazine covers, such as The Fader. His father's death is spoken of on the one-drop tune "Sadness," while "Pon The Gully Side" and "Born and Raised" document the singer's rough upbringing even as they showcase the more angelic side of his gangster gospel.


The album's centerpiece, however, is undoubtedly "Dying." Already a hit on reggae charts and video shows in a version built around a tribute to Tupac rhymes, Mavado has redone the emotional song with original lines that show a new sophistication and a lyrical edge as sharp as any rapper's.

For more info on Mavado visit his myspace page at For interview requests please contact He is also scheduled to come to NYC for a special showcase event on June 14th. The date is TBC.

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