Miami's Memorial Weekend Heat ends in Gun Shots


By: CJ
Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

bountykiller-sexygirls-beenieman.jpgEach and every year the South East Florida Authorities brace themselves for Memorial Weekend because it is usually full of events attended by thousands of people both locally and internationally. The high energy and excitement can sometimes create some sort of chaos. This year, gun salutes at one event confused crowds, causing some chaos.

Most of this holiday's events were incident free. Large crowds attended high society's upscale parties, including many stylish, classy ladies. White Noise's back-to-back parties featuring Tony Matterhorn, Super Twitch, Black Chiney, Stone Love and Swatch were also well attended. Bubbles and Blink lived up to their expectation, as did the Hip-hop concert featuring Young Jeezy, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe and Terror Squad.

There was no shortage of events or celebrities to increase the Miami heat. T-Pain, Akon, Busta Rhymes, Trina, Shaggy and Collie Budz were a few of the artistes who did their thing in Miami over the weekend.

However, the heat definitely rose and came to a crescendo on the Caribbean scene as the well-attended Annual Celebrity Soccer match came to a screeching halt during Bounty Killa's performance. Shortly after the first match and Movado's memorable performance, as the players of the second match strolled onto the field to warm up; and the Grunge Godd, took the microphone and began to deliver his signature lyrical anthems, the crowd delivered loud forwards. However, as Warlord electrified the crowd with "A gwen Murder Dem B****d Cloth," many gun salutes were fired. This seemed to confuse the crowd. Some were still dancing and cheering for Bounty as they recognized that it was only a gun salute and others started stirring for fear of a shooting. This created a domino effect in others who also started to run. Even though Bounty was able to subside the crowd with his words of peace and care for the mothers, children and lives in the park, the powers that be stepped up to the plate and ended the event. People were still confused and scrambled to evacuate the park as quickly as possible. Despite the gun shots and crowd stampede the family event was injury free and fun while it lasted.