Mims Heat is cooled by a $7.5 Million Discrimination Lawsuit


By: CJ

mims_junior_reid.jpgThe "This is why I'm Hot Rapper" is facing a legal battle alledging that he is sexist. Marquitta Blair filed suit in New York's Rockland County Court, alledging that her civil rights were violated when Mims didn't honor a contract to perform at a New York nightclub. The twenty-two year old Talent Agent says she paid a $2,500 deposit to Mims' agents for a performance. Apparently the rapper never showed up. Blair interpreted Shawn Mims decision to vacate the scheduled booking as having a "discriminatory attitude" towards women which, in her opinion, reflects his "pattern of conduct involving the belittlement and degradation of females as bitches and hoes."

According to the New York Post, Blair is seeking $7.5 million dollars. This is a stark contrast to the $10,000 fee that Mims would have earned on April 5th, had he performed the 10-minute set at Eugene, in Manhattan. What's confusing is why was the deposit amount only 25% of the total fee instead of the industry standard 50%. Perhaps this may have affected his decision to pull out of the deal. Most artistes and their reps do not make good on offers unless the standard and contractual financial obligations have been met. It is not clear whether a separate agreement for this small deposit was made. We will have to get more information to the same as the lawsuit unfolds.