Bounty Killer killed them musically at Best of the Best Concert


By: CJ
Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

bounty-killer-best-of-best-mavado-beenie-man-d'angel.jpgBounty Killa was in rare form on stage last night at the Best of the Best Concert in downtown Miami, Florida. He killed them musically and summed up the War in one paragraph. In his war cry, he told the 30,000 attendees that they keep talking about his ex-girlfriend (D'Angel) but them need to realize that once you pick up what the warlord done with, problems will come. "See the two a dem a stab up each other." Of course the crowd responded with a thunderous outburst of cheer as they realize that he was referring to the recent marital assault between newly weds D'Angel and Beenie Man.

The Warlord, nee Rodney Price, shifted to his musical repertoire complemented by Movado and Wayne Marshall. Although they both gave stellar individual performances, they also shined as the Grunge Godd's hype men. In true Alliance Unity, Movado referred to the veteran
DJ as his father, musically. Bounty Killa and Movado were dressed in alliance in full black with diamond emblems on the back.

Movado's bling message was the "The World is Mine" while The Killer rocked the Jamaican flag in diamonds. The reverence and respect that they shared was evident in their on stage chemistry. The musical bantering between the artistes made the crowd ecstatic. However, there was a glaring ommission of some of Bounty's mega hits like Look into My Eyes, Fed Up, and Cellular Phone. In addition, there were also issues with the sound and equipment but The Alliance still gave a good performance.