Morgan Heritage does French...Guyana


morgan_herritage-reggae_sexygirls.jpgEven lead singer Peter seemed overwhelmed by the roaring screams of the crowd. He paused to give them their moment. The band played low in the background to maintain the rhythm, the crowd assumed the foreground with the deafening roar of enjoyment. Under umbrellas and covered in mud, rain soaked fans jumped, danced, sang and delighted in the show.

This was the scene two songs into the Morgan Heritage rescheduled set in French Guyana this past weekend. Brothers Peter, Gramps, Mojo and Lukes aimed to please following the two-week delay of the concert. Drawing deep, the group unleashed one crowd favourite after another including Caribbean Party, I'm Still The Same and Tell Me How Come.

Morgan Heritage Moved by the performance and the impromptu invite from Peter, the audience jumped the barriers marking the VIP section in an effort to be closer to the royal family of reggae. With the crowd hanging on every note of their Full Circle album track, brother Laza burst from the wings to drop his verse on Best Friend.

Laza's clear and resonating vocals rose over the piercing screams of the ladies in the front rows obviously impressed by the sheer potency of his performance. Laza followed up his toasting on the love song with the poignant track Informer demonstrating his versatility. The crowd seemed to lap it up.

Pressured by curfew restrictions, Morgan Heritage closed with Tell Me How Come. Once again, the crowd participated in the performance singing each line of the chorus with Peter.

Overdue, certainly. Overjoyed was the sentiment as the fans carefully avoided mud puddles following Morgan Heritage in French Guyana.