Lady Saw champions technical glitch at Montreal's E.B. Club Lounge


By: Janice Dayle

lady-saw_sexygirls_naked.jpgRaw as ever, Lady Saw passed through Oshawa and Montreal last weekend, while on her promotional tour for the newly released album, Walk Out.

On May 18, Oshawa was said to have had a sold out crowd and in Montreal on the 19th, where was in the house, the audience was just as strong and lively. Ignoring technical difficulties that at one point forced the awesome 1st Lady of rude dub to even sit off to one side of the stage, giving engineers the chance to work it out - patrons sang along in high octaves. Montreal's Jamaican owned reggae hub, E.B. Club Lounge was certainly buzzing with excitement, as Lady Saw's persistence and "Love for her audience," overshadowed the glitch.


A true seasoned performer, she rose to the occasion and pelted the crowd with her hot saucy lyrics that were of course tempered with Lady Saw's other side, the one that advocates for uplifting the human spirit. "See my belly is out of shape," she said while lifting up her loose fitting, hip length top to reveal a not too out of shape body, "But that doesn't mean I shouldn't love myself just the way I am." Encouraging the realization of high self-esteem, Lady Saw visibly moved the people who made sure to join in as she sang her songs.

Hosted by CKUT's Howard "Stretch" Carr, one audience member described the show as, "The bomb." Lady Saw was exhausted and a bit emotional at the end, since her wishes are always to deliver a flawless set. She probably didn't realise that her Montreal fans, who showered applauses full of love for her, were still well pleased.