Ninja man and Bounty Killer at odds?


Article and Photos by:
Carlington Wilmot


"Ninja, Nuh worry bout me and Angel and bun" -- "D'Angel left you because you can pay di bill".

These are a few heated lines from songs done by Bounty Killer and Ninja Man, throwing blows at each other. Some people say it's nothing serious, just a father and son quarrel, but according to the heated words being thrown at each other in two songs that were on heavy rotation on Jamaican radio stations last weekend, this seems to be more than just a father and son tiff.

At the beginning of this rhythmic bickering Ninja Man mentioned Bounty Killer's name in a song in reference to past details of Bounty Killer and D'Angel's previous relationship. Bounty Killer countered this move with a song of his own and just by listening to the words of this song you can tell that he really was upset with the situation

However, Ninja Man claims he was just throwing words, so it would appear that this song for song feud has been taken too far.
Taking what was said in jest too seriously, Bounty Killer also called the Warlord, fired back at Ninja with a tune. Upon hearing the Warlord's song, the Ninja then returned to the studio and voiced a counteraction.

Check out some excerpts of the last two of these songs.

Bounty Killer's Lyrics

Ninja man that's you
nuh mek up nothing bout me that you don't know
which big artiste sex donkey and hoe
sniff a bag a coke and don't turn up for stage show
naah have nuh real gal and affi married gogo
Yuh nuh deh pon my level Ninja man yuh too low

Ninja Man you done,
from the first day yuh give adams yuh gun,
Nuh worry bout me and Angel and bun,
Watch it mek mi rub out di coke head fi fun

Ninja Man's Lyrics

See di killer deh - Ninja Man nuh bother waan kill
D'Angel left you because you can pay di r**s bill
The world know say you mentally ill
Gas a kill yuh – and yuh owe pon di apartment still
All now yuh house caan done pon di hill
Mavado nah go dead so yuh naah guh get nuh will

Yuh Never broke a war,
Never do a thing
Never buss a gun only stone him know fi fling
Never yet mek a duppy in a di thing
Warlord a di cowardest thing