Cancelled Miami show ticked off patrons


Leaving Marcia Griffiths to ask, how could you do this to mothers – this is an insult.

luciano-marcia-griffiths-reggae-jamaica.jpgDisappointment was the sentiment shared by audience and artists alike as their hope of enjoying what was expected to be a Mothers Day show to remember, became shattered with the concert's sudden and late cancellation. Top reggae icons Marcia Griffiths and Luciano were billed for this special tribute to mothers at The Millennium Club in Miami, that had disgruntled patrons fed up with the unprofessional attitude of promoters who left them in the dark.

Not getting any announcements from promoters as to what was holding up the show, the crowd of only a handful - grew exceedingly restless and wondered aloud if the artists were a no show or what was the problem.

"This is always the first perception that people have of artists - most of the time we get the bad name," Marcia Griffiths, seasoned performer and former member of the Bob Marley's I Threes, said. She was deeply hurt on a personal and professional level, as her reputation as a credible performer coupled with her inner desire to truly accommodate the wishes of reggae music lovers were being compromised.

In a radio interview on the following Monday, Winston Barnes asked the promoter to give further details on the circumstances causing the show's cancellation. Her response was consistent with the lame excuse given to concert goers the night before. She blamed technical difficulties.

This however, was not the tune being played by members of the backing band on Sunday night, who refused to strike the first note without securing payment in advance. "The production of this show was not professionally handled…too often promoters plan shows, making the grave mistake of waiting for gate receipts to pay the artists and musicians…that is the situation that marred this event," Griffiths stated.

Griffiths expressed distinct disappointment in not fulfilling her own desire to give mothers the opportunity they were eagerly anticipating. She said, "As a mother, I could relate, because most mothers had a great day and they came out with big expectations of closing off and enjoying their special day." Griffiths felt their pain and even mentioned getting the urge to pull the audience outside and perform for them on the side. She said, "I hate to be a part of this kind of experience, I am not a no show artist and this is one time we are not taking the blame, we were present and ready to perform."