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Macka Diamond has written Jamaica's first official Dancehall Novel - 'Bun Him!!!'


bun-him-novel-dancehall-macka-diamond-sexygirls.jpgBUN HIM!!!... ...The novel, picks up where the controversial hit song of the same name, by Macka Diamond and Black-Er, left off not so long ago. If you liked the song, you will DEFINATELY love the novel.

BUN HIM!!! Is set in today's day and age, using today's vernacular, familiar names and places, making it relevant to the times as it captures every aspect of the dancehall vibes. To add authenticity and depth, Macka uses Kingston as the backdrop and dancehall music as the soundtrack.

The target audience is bound to relate .....

Finally you will get the full hundred on who's bunning who, and why, and even sweeter than that, you'll discover the third party's identity. Think that's interesting? ... ... Wait, there's more, because like the saying goes, 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you,' something which applies very much to the laws of bunning.

Just like the song, the novel steps on corns, even coming across a bit bold, maybe even a bit risky at times, but at the end of the day, 'BUN HIM!!!' depicts a harsh and heartbreaking reality, but at the same time, does exactly what it was designed to do; teach a very valuable lesson... ... a lesson that so many in society need to be reminded of....

'The grass is not always greener on the other side.'

'BUN HIM!!!' Flirts with the all too familiar scenario of unfaithfulness in society as a whole. We have all heard the stories, or may even have been a participating party, but either way; one thing is for sure, if you are Jamaican, you know what 'BUN' means.

bun-him-novel-dancehall-macka-diamond-sexygirls-rihanna.jpgAnd with that said, let me introduce you to Sandra.
Sandra is from the ghetto, but if you think she is your average 'ghetto girl,' think again! No, she is not average by a long shot. On the contrary, if Sandra was to tell it, she was not just one, but more like a few cuts above that reality.

Some think she is just a little too much at times, but then again, the girl does have reasons to act the way she does. Not only is she is young, beautiful, smart and sexy, able to make heads turn constantly, with a body that would make a Christian become a certified sinner, but beyond all that, she is also married to man who worships the very ground she walks on. Compared to the life she was accustomed to, (prior to getting married to Larry, a successful businessman from an upper-class family, who incidentally, is almost twice her age), a lot has changed. No longer does she have to deal with the discomfort of public transportation, lack of anything, or the depression and vulgarity of the ghetto. No!.... All those things are of her past, a past she has no interest in even remembering, let alone re-visit, - Why should she, when the finer things in life are hers for the taking?

Women can't seem to stand her, but damn near every man wants her. From head to toe she's got it going on, but beyond the calm, a storm is raging!

Some women would do anything to be in Sandra's designer shoes, especially Tiffany, her so-called best friend, but beyond all the material and financial elevation, Sandra is unhappy, frustrated with Larry's inability to satisfy her, both emotionally and sexually - She grits her teeth and bears it, but...

With Calvin, a friend from the past, stepping into her present, with eyes set on the future, things become just a little complicated, especially with him not only delivering what Larry hasn't in months, satisfying her sexual appetite, but at the same time, Calvin does almost instantly, what Larry has failed at for over a year, (getting her pregnant). - Things get real tricky with a child on the way, and takes a turn for the worst with Calvin demanding that she leave Larry and move in with him. The plot thickness when she realizes what she stands to lose, if she should leave her husband for Calvin. A man, who if the truth be told, had nothing to offer except what Larry couldn't seem to deliver if his life depended on it, some HOT WUK!

In Sandra's book, only two things mattered in life, hot wuk and money, plenty of it. With Larry she had the money, but with Calvin, the story was slightly different.... Yea, she had it all, just not in one place, and if she was brave enough to admit it, she would do exactly what she really wanted to do; leave Larry for the man who brought out her high pitched voice and made her tingle with delight.

But figet dat, 'cause wata dey yah more dan flour ... ...

'Puss gone, rat tek charge!' ... Because while Sandra is busy dealing with emotional drama and Calvin's ever growing demands, Tiffany, (Sandra's best friend) has a few plans of her own for Larry, (Sandra's husband).

With Sandra so caught up with baby father drama and making life-changing decisions, she misses what is happening right under her nose, because in the midst of all her doings, what she fails to realize is that she is on the verge of not only being replaced, but on the verge of being replaced by her best friend!

Coming SOON to a location near you.

'BUN HIM!!!'
Passa-Passa and Bun fi Bun inna one!

Reggae Sumfest 2018


Reggae Sumfest 2018