Mr. Vegas' "Hot Wuk" added to three major hip-hop radio stations


Big news! The 'Hot Wuk' is steaming! Vegas has scored another biggie with this one as it was recently added to the Hot 97, WZMX 93.7fm and WMBX 102.3fm play list.

Hot 97 which is based in New York is one of the biggest hip-hop/R&B stations in the US, WZMX 93.7fm located in Hartford Connecticut which is the #1 hip-hop and R&B radio station in that state and WMBX 102.3fm from West Palm Beach, Florida also has a wide hip-hop and R&B listener ship throughout West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie, Florida areas, it is anticipated that it will create a domino effect on Vegas' song.

His inclusion on these play list spells big things for the singjay's song as these stations are mostly hip-hop and R&B based which will generate waves in the hip-hop and R&B world.

Not that "Hot Wuk" needs much to keep it going. Ever since its release it seemed to have created a fire all on its own. The song has by far exceeded Vegas' expectations. It has peaked at number one positions on charts such as New York, Hype TV, Re TV singles and ER in Jamaica.

Still this is not the first time Vegas' song has found its way on the play list of these red-hot radio stations. He did it with the mega hit 'Heads High', 'Hot Gal Today' a combination with Sean Paul which was voted as one of the all time duets by Vibe Magazine and 'Pull Up'.

Riding hot on the heels of the 'Hot Wuk' is the song for the most used slang now in Jamaica 'Tek Weh Yuhself'. It is now number two on Hype TV singles chart and number one on RE TV.

Going into the summer Vegas is one of the hottest and most in demand artiste right now. Continuing in this trend you can be sure to see him on most of top summer shows coming up.

Something else to look forward to too in the summer from Vegas is his next album which is expected to drop.