Akon under investigation


By - CJ
Staff Writer

Danah-Alleyne-akon-dance-beyonce-jay-rihanna.jpgDuring an April 12 concert in Trinidad, Akon announced a "dance contest" that featured a grand-prize trip to Africa. Danah Alleyne, the 14-year-old daughter of a pastor, was among seven females that joined Akon on stage to compete for a chance to dance with the Senegalese rapper. Danah won the "contest" but the reward was not a trip to the Continent of Africa. Akon announced that he was "Africa" and proceeded to simulate multiple aggressive sexual positions with the girl as the crowd cheered.

After a local TV station aired the footage and websites broadcast the dry rape around the globe, Danah made a public apology that she "got carried away." In her statement she explained that she started to dance as well, "But I never thought it was going to be like that. I was shocked. My head was hitting the floor." Her rendition of the incident seemed much milder than the video, that showed her entire body being tossed around the stage as Akon forcefully had his way with her.

Danah's father, Pastor Dave Alleyne of the Flaming Word Ministry of Chaguanas, who described the situation as "atrocious", told The Trinidad Express that his daughter was not in control of the situation. "She likes dancing and won a competition," Alleyne said. Many members of his congregation want Akon banned from public performances in the area.

The Prime Minister of Trinidad, Patrick Manning, has demanded a formal investigation into the incident. In a statement, he said, "That kind of thing should never be allowed to happen in this country."

Internet videos exposed that this isn't the first time that Akon has been caught on tape dancing in this atrocious way. The online video networks quickly jumped on the bandwagon and aired actress Tara Reid dancing to Akon's smash hit "Smack Dat." In the equally offensive video, Akon playfully smacked the Hollywood actress on her ass and was then sandwiched between the singer and another man.

As the investigation continues,the self-proclaimed "Konvict" is definitely being penalized for his crime. Verizon pulled their TV spots featuring Akon watching his own Verizon Wireless V Cast. The communications company severed ties with the Senegalese singer. They have removed Akon's featured ringtones, as well as music and artwork from Akon's platinum-selling album "Konvicted," from Verizon Wireless stores and handsets. The Company also pulled their sponsorship of the Stefani/Akon tour. In a statement to Fox News, Verizon's representative said, "The partnership ended."