Usher fires Mom as manager?


By -- CJ
Staff Writer has confirmed rumours brewing for a week that had Usher on the verge of firing his Manager, Jonnetta Patton, his own mother. In a statement on May 7, the R&B crooner made it official. "She and I are on great terms and support each other in our life's endeavours. We are both very happy but are now working in different areas of the business." Usher expressed the joy he felt in having his mom be a mother, without the pressure of spearheading his career path.

The rumour mill suggested Usher's fiancée and former stylist, Tameka Foster pulled the strings of Patton's dismissal since she let her go as his stylist. There was also suggestion that Foster would take over as Manager. These rumours were again put to bed. In an official statement to the Associated Press, Usher said that his fiancée has no intention of managing him or anyone else's career. "She has no aspirations of becoming my manager or any other artist's manager," he confirmed.

Since Usher's engagement last March to Tameka, a mother of three, he appears to be more tuned into family life. "At this time in my life, I am simply more interested in building the strength of my family; and in order to do that, I feel it's best to separate my business life from my personal life," he said.