Did Beenie Man stab his wife D'Angel?


Beenieman-d'angel-marco-dean-SexyGirls-beyonce.jpgJamaica's most talked about celebrity couple of the music fraternity, Beenie Man and D'Angel recently had a minor domestic dispute that resulted in Beenie Man suffering from a cut on his hand.

As early as before the sun could rise Tuesday morning, YardFlex.com news room began fielding numerous phone calls from both local and international concerned fans wanting to know if the rumour circulating was of any truth. Some callers said that they heard Beenie Man stabbed up his wife and then cut the veins on his wrist, while others said D'Angel went clubbing and got back home too late – causing friction. Some people were saying feuding between the two had something to do with Marco Dean and they even went as far as to say it's probably because she was still making links with the Warlord Bounty Killer. But after careful investigation all of these nasty allegations turn out not be true.


YardFlex.com made several attempts to get in touch with the couple to clear the air of this bloody rumour but was not successful in reaching any of them. After making a final attempt late Tuesday evening a close member of the Mafia House family had this to say.

"None of what people are saying is true, the couple is at home relaxing, no more comments," the source said before hanging up the phone.

According to one artiste close to the couple who did not wish to have his name on the record explained that, "They had a little fight nothing big, and we all know that in every relationship there will be disagreements, but I think it's time for the public to stop wishing bad for the couple because they are living happily than how most of us are living right and I respect both of them."