Ce'cile and Smujji sizzle in 'Take It Off" video



Ce'Cile and England-based artiste Smujji positively sizzled in the video for 'Take It Off'.

The video for the hot collaboration between himself and dancehall diva Ce'Cile was done under the direction of RXTA. In it Ce'Cile tantalized with her alluring, seductive looks and come on signals while Smujji positively salivated around the pool table. It was fun to watch the singer playing pool while it clearly showed that his mind was on anything but, as glimpses into his thought processes revealed he was more interested in 'taking it off!"

The two lit up the screen and the video was further enhanced by the gyrating girls in the background all adding to exciting appeal of it.

Smujji made his album debut with 'True Colours' released on Jamdown UK in 2005 and he has not looked back as he continue to make his presence felt in the music world. He is now ready to unleash his second album which will be produced by some of the hottest producers in the UK, Jamaica and US.

Classy Ce'Cile is now getting back into the groove and what a look she has returned with! Her collaboration is not the only hot song she has running the place right now. She is very busy with her fingers in a lot of pies including some local productions among them the Jam
Down rhythm on the Danger Zone label on which she has a song by the same name.

In it Ce'Cile's fans get a new glimpse to her as she talks about the nicer side of Jamaica. When it comes to creativity and versatility, then Ce'Cile has got it tapped. The classy diva of the dancehall has a lot more in store and as for Smujji…stay tuned he is hot!