Mind Control's accolades keep raining in


stephen-marley-junior-gong-beyonce-jay-z-rihanna.jpg"It's passion and soul that sets apart your average, competent reggae group from the likes of a Stephen Marley, who brought a nine-piece backing outfit - a guitarist, drummer, bassist, two keyboardists, a percussionist, two female backup singers, and a guy whose job it was to wave and twirl a Rasta flag all night - plus his younger brother Damian "Junior Gong" Marley to a very packed Showbox on Friday night for a phenomenal and frequently transcendent two-hour performance. Reggae's rarely sounded this joyful and intense, at least not to my ears."

(Seattle Weekly, April 14, 2007: Review of Stephen Marley at the Showbox - April 13)

"Mind Control is polished, assured and casually virtuosic in a way that most premieres are raw, edgy and ferociously single-minded. In the same way that hip-hop producers like Timbaland and Just Blaze have renewed rap by emphasizing the music's omnivorous rhythmic appetites, Stephen Marley updates Jamaican music for an era of globalized pop by tracing the connections between local styles."

(SFGate.com, April 15, 2007)

"The Traffic Jam, with its rubbery bassline, is guaranteed to rock your car stereo".

(People Magazine, April 23, 2007)

"When it comes to music royalty, it doesn't come more important than the Marleys. The sons of Bob Marley have been successful the world over, thanks largely in part to the behind-the-scenes magic of Stephen Marley."