Sizzla Kalonji Continues to Rise


By: Joseph Cunningham
Photo by: Carlington Wilmot


'Black woman and child for you I have so much love.' This is a line from a song voiced by Sizzla Kalonji in the mid - 1990s. At that early stage of his career, within the first 24 months of bonafied stardom, Sizzla's voice echoed a conscious message of love and appreciation for humanity and especially the black race. He has always remained firm in his belief that the music he creates can be a lethal weapon against immorality.

During an interview with on April 5, Sizzla explained, "I am inspired by the most-high to separate what is right from what is wrong through my music. My music is guided by precepts like the laws of the land and the bible. Truth, justice and righteousness must be proclaimed."

Sizzla is a Rastafarian who recognizes his calling from Rasta King, Haile Sellassie - Jah Rastafari, as being that of a messenger to spread the Rastafarian principles of love and peace.

"I got the name Sizzla from a woman whose wrong-doing I was always 'fire' (spitting out lyrical energy) against," Sizzla said - and just like the sizzling metaphoric flames he refers to, this name underscores the no nonsense approach to Sizzla's musical mission. He added, "The name that an individual has, manifests in the way that person operates, either foolishly or responsibly. As such, when I added the name Kalonji, I knew that it meant victorious. Like name like nature, I did not give myself a name that would create a stupid character."

On April 17, Sizzla's Earthday will be celebrated in authentic Rastafarian style, featuring the Nyabingi Drummers. "Music is prayers continued," he said, so one and all can expect a day of psalms and chants.

As it relates to providing satisfaction to his fans, Sizzla's heart is geared towards universal acclamation. His last album, The Overstanding, was produced in tandem with Dame Dash Records, the company behind leading Hip Hop champion Damion Dash. As he currently puts finishing touches on an upcoming new album, Sizzla said he is aiming at 'block-buster' success. "I would like to have strong financial support for this album. I would like to reach the whole world with this one," he said.