Hip Hop star The Game - Wanted


By: CJ
Staff Writer

the-game-hip-hop-beyonce.jpgThe Game is following in Foxy Brown's footsteps as he blows off his court date and the Judge issues an Obligatory warrant for his arrest.

Hailing from Compton, this rapper is fresh on the heels of his cross-over success "It's Okay (One Blood)," which is an obvious nod to The Game's street affiliation. The song which samples reggae artist Junior Reid's "One Blood" was designed as a street single from his sophomore album, The Doctor's Advocate. But it is his streetwise nature that has him currently making headlines.

A warrant for the arrest of the rapper legally known as Jayceon Taylor, was issued after he failed to appear at a scheduled court date last week in Manhattan, but he'll have a chance to redeem himself because the warrant will be activated if he misses his next court appearance on June 13.

Taylor was arrested on Nov. 16 for allegedly impersonating an undercover NYPD officer and ordering a cab driver to run several red lights. He pleaded not guilty. The rapper stated he was in New York promoting his album and said he had no need to impersonate a police officer. The "Wouldn't Get Far" rapper alleges that his arrest "is a ploy by the hip-hop police to humiliate me, because they harass and follow me every time I come to New York."

There is no word yet on his reason for missing his court date