Obama is Suave and Forthright


By: CJ
Staff Writer

BarackObama-SexyGirls.jpgU.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks during a campaign fundraiser at the historical Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.
Amid a packed room of supporters and investors, Obama began his eloquent oral presentation by thanking those responsible for the event. It seemed as if he saved the best for last because when he said thank you to "his good friend Attorney Marlon Hill," the entire room cheered, hooted and hollered. Apparently the Miami-based celebrated Jamaica Attorney has been instrumental in assisting the Democratic Presidential hopeful along his campaign trail.

There was also a big round of applause when Obama introduced his wife as "the star of his show." Michelle Obama graciously warmed the crowd with her infectious smile and stood on the sidelines as her husband delivered his message. It should be noted that Michelle, like the other contenders' wives, has played a very low-key role in her husband’s campaign. Mrs. Obama was simply clad in a white sleeveless blouse, mid-length skirt and very flat tan slippers. Her only interaction came at the end of the session during the meet and greet. Perhaps Obama and the other candidates, both republican and democratic learned a valuable lesson from John Kerry's demise. Some say that apart from not standing solidly for the big issues, his wife, Teresa Heinz, helped him to fall short of the US Presidential seat in 2004. The Heinz empire heiress was often times very flashy and loose-lipped.

Michelle Obama's humble persona is definitely a plus, although as a champion for fashion, YardFlex.com would love to see her more dolled-up, especially in the hair department. With such a beautiful face and electric smile she should utilize the many hairdo options, and should not be seen with a ponytail that is struggling to catch-up-in-one. Don't get it twisted, this will not wane the publics support of the dapper GQ-esk Barack Obama.

The Harvard graduate's tall statuesque body stood as firm as his message. He discussed his lack of Capitol Hill experience in a positive way, saying "I've been there long enough to know that it needs to change." While encouraging citizens to "stand up" for affordable healthcare, better public schools, and political accountability, Obama, like Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, also called for a paper record of votes in Florida. "I want to make sure everybody's vote is counted, especially down here in Florida," he said to an emphatic applause.

He also tackled the Iraqi war and advocated for American troops to begin leaving Iraq. "It's time to bring our young men and women home,” said the Senator, who consistently reminds voters, he is "proud that (he) was against the war from the start." As an important issue in this tight race, the Iraq war is on the forefront of daily news reports showing casualty after casualty of American troops and civilians. Obama, was an anti-war Illinois state senator when the war began, while other Democratic nomination hopefuls, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY and former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, both voted to give the president the power to go to war. Edwards later apologized for his vote, while Clinton is currently campaigning to end the war if she gets elected.
Separate and apart from his image and message the rally was organized to raise funds to support Obama for America 2008. Although the first primary is months away, the funding totals are viewed as key barometers of candidates' viability. Although YardFlex.com does not get involved in the political arena we will uses this opportunity to let our readers know that if you want Obama for President financial support is utmost important. Log onto his website barackobama.com or contact his Florida Financial Assistant by email: jessica.clark@barackobama.com.