Dionne Warwick and Friends - Smooth and Stormy


Photo by: Carlington Wilmot


Jazzy and nostalgic - sums up the atmosphere on March 25, 2007 when Dionne Warwick performed to an enthusiastic crowd at Bank United Center, Coral Gables, Miami. It certainly seemed like a main event at Couples resort or some similarly "paired up" hideaway, as the "Ooos and Awws" from what appeared to be a mesmerised audience solidified the romantic feel.

Dionne performed very well, with her signature seamless blend of dynamism and ease. The Bacharach/David tunes and others, dated everyone in the place who hummed along, while engrossed in listening and grooving to the music they grew up to.

As a legendary musical icon and humanitarian, Dionne's more than 40 years in the music industry have been recognised with numerous accolades. Adding to her assortment of awards and the excitement at Bank United Center, Dionne became the 2007 recipient of the key to Coral Gables that evening. Known as the artist who bridged many gaps - including rhythmic, ethnic, cultural and generational, Dionne continues to prove her soulfully blended, Grammy Award winning style, transcends numerous boundaries.

Performing for just over an hour, Dionne reinforced her ability to empower millions with her music. Both opening acts, Laura Bradley and Eugene Grey gave good performances setting the pace for Dionne’s powerful final touch.