Violence in Sports - Pakistan Coach was strangled


Joseph Cunningham Reporter

woolmer_bob_green_aug'06.jpgHe was strangled! That is the breaking news this evening, Bob Woolmer, Pakistan's former cricket coach was strangled to death.
While information reaching the YardFlex news room is 'sketchy', it causes one to ask the question; is sport being taken too seriously?

Throughout sporting history there has been innumerable incidents of 'passions' overwhelming sports lovers. The famous 'bite' by Mike Tyson on Evander Holyfield, that on-field brawl between Jamaica and Mexico a few years ago and Brazilian football star, Zico's house was 'torched' by angry fans after the Brazilian team was eliminated from the world cup by Argentina at the semi-final stage in 1990.

During the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup, Indian wicketkeeper, Mahendra Dhoni's house was 'torn down' after he made 'ducks in his team's loss to Bangladesh.

While investigations in the Bob Woolmer case continue, we should remember that although 'top - flight' sports are big money investments, sport is sport! And should be treated as such, 'an active pastime participated in for pleasure or exercise'.