How to become a King of the Dancehall


By: Joseph Cunningham Reporter

Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

Beenie-man-bounty-killer-mavado-beyonce-jay-z-britney-spears-sexygirls.jpgBeenie Man, the self proclaimed 'King of the Dancehall', spent all of 2006 taunting the competition. He took up, dusted off, greased and re-applied his oldest method of seeking attention- 'Warring with Bounty Killa', and, provoked everybody who was somebody in the Dancehall arena in 2006; including the Marley family.

He continued his tirades, taking them to the stage at Jamworld, 'Sting'. His track record throughout his career tells that his fortunes in lyrical karate at Sting has been limited, yet, he took to the stage 'dissing' a well-armed 'Warlord' who he had given an emotional battering all year long. The 'Warlord' ascended the stage, Beenie Man fled, and it has been misery for him since.

Along with losing 'street ratings'- that thing that matters so much in the Dancehall world, he seems to be losing it all! Shocking Vibes, Don Mafia, bookings on shows, and could soon be losing loads of money to his main songwriter, who suddenly remembers that he has not been collecting royalties for over 30 songs he wrote for Beenie Man.

Hold on, back to the 'street-ratings' just a bit!! It is becoming sharply evident that things are all back to square-one. What am I talking about? Well, if you have been paying close attention to the Dancehall since the start of 2007, it is obvious that Bounty has Beenie on the run; that pattern to which we are more accustomed. The weapon of 'scandals' which Beenie Man applied against Bounty, taunting him about 'breeding his girl and the fact that he lives with Miss. Ivy, have back-fired against him.

In an interview with, a popular entertainer who requested anonymity could not have said it better. Quote: "For the first time in 15 years Beenie had Bounty weak, and things still turn roun pon im." The artiste said his interpretation of the situation, is that Beenie Man is a trouble-maker and as such, is simply getting his judgment. contacted a number of entertainment journalists, and asked where is Beenie Man? One very prominent professional said, "He seems to be more concerned with paying his huge bills at this time. The last show I saw him on was Spectrum in January, and I heard that he 'ate' his words and went to Spring Break."

It is being rumored that Beenie Man has gone bankrupt, however, he refutes these allegations, along with talk of him 'making enemies' for himself. During an 'On Stage' interview on CVM, Beenie Man told his fans that he was innocent of mischief and is financially 'ok'.

But after all that was said and done, Beenie Man the self proclaimed King seems to survive every conflict and rumor that surrounds his name. How he did it? Don't ask me.

The saga continues!

  • rufftop smoke g

    see .beenie man is a cat.a ole dirty stinkin pu***y.nuff respeck to de warlord.beenie caan make song again without mentionin de killa name sooooooo.thats wat he do.

  • Ox Amillion

    The Doctor Fish fi tek weh him self and go chuck off!

  • sherita

    ilove some beenieman i like all of the song he sing sometime i wish i see you an the road so i can meat you an give you a kiss an maybe a 1 2 what,s a 1 2 it,s just a 1 f'''

  • SammieGirle


    lov ya beenie man


  • warface

    Mi jus wah ask someting.. Beenie career a pap dung right? So....Bounty a do any betta dan Beenie? no matta wha people wah seh... Bounty love di war wid Beenie. Him look forward to it. di only problem wid di las war was it get personal. People a seh beenie fi lo bounty. Ok... when him lo bounty,... look wha happen to bounty career.... When bounty an beenie war we see di best a bounty. Good luck to di two a dem.

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