Blood will run for sure - Junior Reid


By: CJ Staff Writer


Blood definitely ran during the Red, Green and Gold themed video shoot for Inner Circle and Junior Reid's latest collaboration. got exclusive access to the set. According to Bebe, organizer and son of Inner Circle band member Ian Lewis, it was an impromptu decision to shoot the video "because all of the artistes were in town at the same time." Rapper Akon also supported the production, as he recording literally across the street in Circle House Studio with his Konvict cellmates.

Rockers, the self-proclaimed rasta fashion lifestyle brand was the designer of choice for the celebrities and models. I must admitted that in some scenes the rasta colors were overwhelming but overall it was a good look. Reknown DJ Tom La Roc did the juggling on the wheels of steel with two Rihanna look-alike cuties while a few professional skateboarders held it down to ensure that the directors, barbecue treatment was realized. Bebe wore many hats, producer, director, and production assistant. It was fun to watch him work. It was exciting and tiring at the same time, at one point he commented that "this director work isn't as easy as it looks." The new paparrazi online entertainment magazine,, that's schedule to launch early April has an in depth interview with Bebe.

The set had mad traffic in and out for most of the afternoon, Akon, Soulflower, Johnny Dread, Gillie and Robbie Marley were among the celebrities that supported the last minute video shoot. Eventually The Miami Herald showed up, as well as other photographers from other media houses.

Junior Reid and Inner Cirlce's frontman, Kris Bentley, were in rare form. From their high energy cameos to the dancing and flag waving, blood did run for sure during this historical event.