Jeniffer Hudson's night on the town with Fantasia


By: CJ Reporter

Jeniffer-Hudson-sexygirls_beyonce-jay-z-britney-spears.jpgI'm not sure what is the media's aversion to the name Jennifer but it seems that they've taken the J-Lo monniker to apply to other famous Jennifers. If you follow other news outlets, you'll soon realize that Jennifer Hudson is now being affectionately referred to as J-Hud. Hmm.

Anyways, J-Hud soaked up some Chi-town, that's Chicago, nightlife with her former "American Idol" stablemate, Fantasia Barrino last Thursday after "Jennifer Hudson Day" was declared in her Chicago hometown.

According to our source, J-Hud and Fantasia partied in the Windy City's trendy Boutique. Witnesses say they ordered several bottles of V2 Vodka in the VIP section, got tipsy, danced and enjoyed themselves among the male "gawkers" until about 2 a.m. One of the gawkers was Tommie Harris of the Chicago Bears. Witnesses said that J-Hud dismissed him but Fatasia got his phone number.