Gospel artiste Moses takes refuge in Jesus Christ



Kasim "Moses" Grant was born on November 29, 1980 to parents Andrea McLauren and Michael Grant. He grew up in the violent community called Rema Trench Town in the city of Kingston. Moses lost his father at a tender age. His father was one of the top gun men in the community who was killed by police in a shoot out. Moses life was not a bed of roses. His daily needs were hard to come by as his single parent mother fought to overcome poverty to satisfy her children. He grew up with the influence of Rastafarian faith around him, gang violence and the belief that there was no other way to rise above the odds.

Over greed of territory, war broke out with his community and several other communities around him. After three (3) years of ongoing violence and seeing some of his closest friends and neighbours being shot and killed, he felt that his life was in jeopardy, so he got involved in gang violence to protect himself and the people who were close to him. After shooting at men from the opposite side and shooting at the police when necessary sadness rains on the night of May 3, 1997 after Moses went to sleep about after Two (2) in the morning. His door was kicked off by gunmen from the opposite side of the community and was shot three (3) times. One bullet hit him in his head one in his stomach and one in his butt. He spent two weeks in the hospital, surviving a death that was sure. Moses knew then God had a calling on his life.

Upon leaving he sought refuge at a church retreat where he planned to recover. Just after a few days there, he was convicted by the Holy Spirit to take refuge in Jesus Christ. Heeding this call from God, Moses spent two years in dedicated Bible Study before pursuing his lifelong desire to sing. He linked up with one of his school days brethren Mr. Gallimore to form the group "The K G's". Their first recording was a duet with gospel singer Ziggy Soul on his debut album "Born Again". They then linked up with Danny Brownie of Main Street Music and in 1999 scored big with their duet "Big Him Up" on the number one selling "Yow Reggae Gospel, Chapter 1". Moses later went solo with songs like "Pray", "Man A Christian", "The Big Man", "Adore Him" and "War" on the "Yow" series, which helped to make him a household name among his Christian peers.

Moses, a natural evangelist, has his fixed on preaching. While he continues to study the bible, he also minister in the inner city communities across Jamaica. His ministry of God's words put to song has touched many lives. He has also ministered on a number of major gospel stage shows across Jamaica including "Fun in the Son", "Teen Summit", "Genesis", "Gospel in Motion", "Recharge" and "Transformation Jamaica" and many others.