Jay Z paid over one million dollars to keep his son a secret.


By: CJ
YardFlex.com Reporter

jay-z-baby-son-beyonce-hip-hop-reggae-sexygirls.jpg Rumors of Jay Z having a son with a Trinidadian Model has been circulating sometime now. Many thought it was 'Free', of BET's 106 & Park fame, who was pregnant by him, however it was not her but Video Model Shanelle. Shanelle already had the baby at the time of the rumors.

The Saga alleges that Beyonce knows all about "Young Prince" as he is referred to by his father and his family. There have been several rumors of Jay Z cheating on Beyonce (Blue Cantrel, Rihanna) and them fighting and her storming out, but apparently the fights are all over Shanelle and her son.

Jay Z paid Shanelle over 1 million dollars just to keep his name off of the birth certificate. He also has an arrangement with her to take full financial care of his son. Beyonce was fine with such arrangement until recently. As Young Prince is ageing he is asking more and more for his father.

When Beyonce agreed to stay with Jay Z after he cheated it was on the basis that the boy lived in Trinidad and she wanted Jay Z to have
nothing to do with the boy except for money issues. He was fine with the arrangement in the beginning but now he is reluctant to do so because of the relationship he had with his own father. As Jay Z and his family spend more time with the Young Prince, Beyonce is getting more irate which is causing a huge riff in their relationship. Jay Z is growing tired of Beyonce's anger and the whole need to keep his son a secret.

Beyonce is scheduled to go on a World Tour, if they officially break-up the Tour would create probable cause, like not enough time spent together, etc.
Don't be surprised if they announce there break up in the coming weeks.