Unprecedented Press Conference ends feud between Vybz Kartel and Mavado


Text and Photo by: Kaylia Williams


Feuding dancehall artistes Vybz Kartel and Mavado ended their dispute at the Pegasus Hotel yesterday at a press conference. It has been reported that the two had met before in a private meeting with DCP Mark Shields who orchestrated the press conference for yesterday (February 28) along with Kimani Robinson from RE TV.

In an interview with Mark Shields yesterday, he told YardFlex.com, " myself and Kimani Robinson from RE TV were discussing the feud between the artistes, which have cause fans and entourages turning the lyrical feud into violence. However, "myself and Kimani share the same entities and that is for music and art to stay positive, however the feud had gotten a little too far so we decided to contact the parties for a meeting and they both came and the result was to conduct a public meeting. Both Kimani and I were surprised, they were hesitant to unite, and explain to the fans what was happening".

In the press conference yesterday both artistes reconciled and showed a sense of unity between themselves. Questions were posed to the artistes about the ongoing lyrical feud which escalated in to a physical feud between their fans and entourages. They both apologized to their fans; and also urged them to stop using their music as a tool to start violence between each other. Kartel expresses that "both myself and Mavado were jus singing and writing song against each other because it's music and one has to be creative, but the fans should know at no time at all did you see or hear me and Mavado fight or shoot each other, I've been out and seen him and him entourage an mi on the left and him on the right." Wi never war yet nuh knife ting a just lyrical feud, we nuh say in our songs be violent to your friends or enemies for us". He went on to say that, now we are here today is breathing example of meaning progress."

Mavado commented to YardFlex.com, "the reconciliation is real, a me seh di Real Mckoy and a me seh Gangster fi life suh a real ting, di unity real and it ago stay real, Bless". YardFlex.com asked Vybz Kartel if we can expect a link between him and the alliance however he replied "Alliance will always be apart of Vybz Kartel that where I emerged, but they have their own entity while I have mine Portmore Empire which is focused on bussing new artistes around we. Me and Bounty never war on stage yet and that brings me back here with Mavado, we never war on stage suh u see is just the music".

However throughout all this most, of the media houses were not convinced about the unity; most asked if it were for real while YardFlex.com asked DCP Mark Shields if this was just a symbolic gesture, he replied that, "yes it is because when the fans see the unity it will denounce the violence which have been created. Also we asked how he would feel if this was used as a publicity stunt. "Perhaps I would be upset if it was there idea and I was dragged into it, but its my idea along with Kimani's, so I have no regrets, however it's good publicity because it will stop violence and that's great and I don't have a problem with it".

However when YardFlex.com spoke to both artistes yesterday they were happy to tell us that the fans can expect a new combination from both parties.