Idonia and Mavado Thugs Clashes on Stage



On Tuesday February 20th, The Queen's School hosted their annual Sports Day, on the eve of Ash Wednesday. However after all the athletic events, there was a concert which featured the likes of LeftSide and Esco, Wayne Marshall, Richie Stephens, Idonia and Mavado.

According to a teacher at The Queens School, "the artsist were brought in the canteen to hangout until it was their time to perform onstage; Mavado, Wayne Marshall, LeftSide and Esco and Richie Stephens were all in the canteen except for Idonia. When he arrived he did not go into the canteen, he stood near the tent where the selector was, with his entourage".

When contacted a past student of The Queen's School who helped with the preparation of the concert, she related the incident saying, "Wayne Marshall, LeftSide and Esco and Idonia were all onstage sharing the mike alternately. However Mavado stood afar off viewing the performances, the selector then started playing the Drumline riddim and then I saw Mavado grabbed a mike and proceeded onstage bellowing 'New name fi informer a Mr. Palmer', after which a huge bundle of both Idonia's entourage and Mavado's entourage starting throwing blows at each other. Due to the blows onstage the selector had to stop playing and throughout the fight it was Selector Foota Hype, who came with Mavado, threw derogatory words at Idonia's entourage."

After all this was informed by a teacher of the school that the other artistes drove out while Idonia was still onstage addressing the students 'Mi nuh wah nuh baddi seh a Aidonia mash up dem ting, unu notice me still deh pon stage, mi nuh have nuh knife, me nuh inna di knife ting!".

However, contacts were made to both parties for comments on the incident, but we were unsuccessful.