"Me have fame before Vybz Kartel have Name" - Roach


By: Kaylia Williams
Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

Kartel shots Roach's new "Purge' riddim with two songs!!

roache-kartel-manager-sexygirls-sexy-girl-dancehall-bounty-killer.jpg'Purge' has cause and will cause many dancehall fans, to think the longstanding friendship which Kartel and Roach shared has mended. But YardFlex.com got the scoop when we spoke with Roach himself Kartel's ex-manager. He told YardFlex.com in an exclusive interview yesterday that although the friendship between them has been cut off, Vybz Kartel voiced two songs for him - 'My Gun protect mine', and 'Betta Can Cook' on his latest riddim that is expected to be release anytime soon.

Still fans maybe he shock as to how Vybz Kartel voiced two songs for his ex-manager and as we all know they were both throwing heated words at each other during interviews that was conducted by ER and CVM, but nonetheless Roach explains, "one day mi a drive, an mi phone a ring suh mi just answer it, while mi riddim was playing, an when me tek a stack a Kartel dat pon di line - him seh what a gwaan an ting an me seh me deh yah ehh nuh, an him seh weh you a deal wid and mi seh, a one new riddim mi a deal with, and he kartel replied seh, a it that, it sound good, bring it come give mi," Roach said.

Anyway I sent it to him the Wednesday and him shot it the Thursday, di same day that he went to do the interview pon ER and den him send back a cd wid two songs on it."

No Friendship - Only Business

YardFlex asked if their friendship has mended as a result of the two songs, Roach continues, "mi neva like what him say pon ER about mi, suh mi guh shot back an interview inna di paper, mi an him don't even ave a disagreement, mi not even know what mi an him have, an him know that. Certain things that him seh, him shouldn't a say it. An mi feel frig up about what he say, fi a yute that I did so much things for". "The same day him go do the interview a ER is the same day him voice the two tune dem an yet still when Anthony Miller asked him bout the friendship him say him a give mi 15 minutes of fame, cause everbody deserve 15 minutes of fame, and that was my 15 minutes of fame. But mi want him fi know seh Roach have fame before Kartel have name'.

The name of the riddim is called 'Purge', which Roach explains, "I wanted to 'purge' out a lot of things that has been happening in the dancehall fraternity, the badmind and name calling. This is the riddim that come fi Purge dem out." He also adds that the riddim has made Vybz Kartel saying things he wouldn't have said, here are inserts from the songs.

'My Gun protect mine', don't cross di line,
please don't tempt mi fi blast di nine,
four an five an six man a dead a daytime tru crime,
mi nuh wa dead before 2099.

Then in another line Kartel says, "fi mi gun nuffi kill Rodney, David or Don Gargon".

The second song is a little mix-up for the ladies.
'Gal Yuh Betta Can Cook',
"nuh bake nuh curry goat,
nuh fry nuh calaloo,
nuh steam nuh cow foot;
Gal u Betta can Cook!"

The final question Yardflex asked was, throughout all this, did Kartel do these two songs to mend the longstanding friendship, or was Roach's riddim 'Purge' too good a riddim to pass up? Roach adds, "No, well, me know Kartel suh mi ago tell yuh bout him, mi see nuff man put out bad riddim and give him and him nuh voice pon dem, but a di 'Guiltiness' about him because him know what he did, him shouldn't have done it and me know him feel it to him heart".