Big rehearsals for CWC Ceremony

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cricket.jpgPreparation for the Opening Ceremony for the Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 is at an advanced stage according to Event Manager Martin Lewis.

The first rehearsal will be held on Saturday, March 10 at 2 p.m. and this will be followed by another at 5:15 --- which is the precise time at which the Opening Ceremony will commence. A final rehearsal will be held at 6:00 o'clock in the morning of March 11.

Already two mass rehearsal have been held. Lewis stated "we had 700 performers last Sunday. Then, on February 24, the full complement of more than 2,000 persons will participate. It is important for us to do these rehearsals at the venue, as the performers and crew must be acclimatised to the field, the stage and the grandeur of it all."
Lewis said that the Opening Ceremony will be the greatest challenge for the integration of functional areas during the two-month tournament.

The Ceremony will be televised life and according to Lewis "everyone involved will have to tune in to what needs to be done. This is particularly important as Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium in Jamaica, where the event takes place on March 11, will be the scene of the West Indies' warm-up fixture against India just 48 hours before on March 9."

He further added that "it will be a challenge but we will have to work around the warm-up schedule. As soon as that match (on March 9) is over, a technical team of 300 persons will work from Friday night, non-stop on the installation, right through to the Opening Ceremony. This will be the largest stage and sound set-up in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington, who chairs Jamaica's Local Security Committee, noted that the spectacle, which will run three hours exactly, will require a high level of security, especially given the logistics of transporting a large number of performers and technical crew to and from Kingston.

Additionally, he said, there are other key matters: safety and security at the stadium (both for people and assets; traffic separation (vehicular and pedestrian) and control as well as the integration of safety and security with other functional areas.

Ellington acknowledged the Opening Ceremony will be a major test for the security forces but is confident that all involved have been well prepared to handle this event.