Beenie Man, your bad luck – Bounty Killer pass him place



Beenie Man King of bad luck

Mi sehh people from mi know Beenie Man, him always have some badluck or crosses a follow him. We all know that January a fi him bad lucky month. Yeah yuh remember him crash di Humma and then them accused him fi Bogle Killing. Well this time him bad blessings gone over inna di month of February. After di doctor well gone a Weddy Weddy fi enjoy him self, some cross, angry and miserable patrons slash all four tires. Only if cars could talk, then him woulda know 'A Who!

Before that the Doctor went to the Bob Marley show go get him self embarrass. Him neva bill for the show and him always a run off him mouth sehh him have more number one than Bob Marley, but yet him waan fi go sit round a VIP. Mi hear sehh the Doctor and him entourage walk wid a big King chair ready fi go spread out, but when di security dem spot him a come, dem direct him to the normal side. So im seh de Marley dem disrespek im…but the fact is im nevah deh pon de bill, an security haffe do dem job - which is let een artist weh deh pon de bill. No disrespek no eena dat!

Mi have more fi talk - after mi think sehh di Doctor would get a warm welcome at Striptease, but both him and him wife was really welcome with some warm booooos, people mi run out of di venue - di way how di booos dem nuff, I thought it was an angry storm coming. Beenie Man fi low the stage show thing fi a while until, him find another hit song.

Bounty pass him place

Now at the same event that Beenie Man get put in a him place, Bounty Killer was bill to perform, after all is said and done mi swear di Killer would go and give a poor people defender performance, but that neva gwaan because him favourite dude was on his mind - who else yuh think mi talk, nuh must Beenie Man - Bounty go pon stage an staat fe dis up an slaughter Beenie! An of course it neva look good at all - fe see de almshouse weh dem carry quite uppa 9 miles…uppa de King a Reggae (Bob Marley) Music Celebration. Aftah de people dem neva want all dem mixup mixup deh inna dem ting.

How dem fi compare Marcia Griffiths wid Lady Saw, D'Angel and Macka?

By de way a wonda a who dem a pass dem place - how dem fi place veteran singer Marcia Griffiths eena category wid Lady Saw, D'Angel, Macka Diamond an so on - fe best dressed of the year a gwaan inna Jamaica. Marcia Griffiths no inna dem dawta category deh!

Big Up:

All ami fren dem wey a bleach inna de winta - just gwaan stay cool.

Big up C J Yardflex Miami correspondent, Happy Belated Birthday.

Big up to de Goodas Crew in NY…Big up Solid Gold….Nuff Respect, Georgia eena Queens N Y and Out The Trunk Crew eena DG Canada. 957Music - Jamaica, large every time.

Big up Kareems Sunday nite oldies a Florida

Congratulation to Chrissy D and Prodigy for tying the knot.


A which reporter mi her sehh di artiste dem a look fah fi beat - a caan me because mi nuh trouble people - mi only chat dem business.