Every Palmer is a b***dc***t Informer – Bounty Killer


By: Warlington

bounty-killer-beenie-man-vybz-kartel-dancehall-sexygirls.jpgCross angry miserable was the temper of dancehall warrior Bounty Killer last week Thursday at the Asylum nightclub. Normally Beenie Man would have been the number one suspect on Bounty's list of terror, but instead, it was none other than his former son Vybz Kartel 'Addi Di Techa'. Bounty Killer chanted a serious of tongue-lashing at the Asylum nightclub in New Kingston, warning his fans that every "Palmer is a Bl**dcl**t informer."

This statement had the whole of Asylum in a frenzy, lighters went flickering, sounds of hands beating down the walls of the club.
luckily patrons were search before entering the club because you would surely see torches blazing in the roof of the Asylum

Next on the slaughter board was the King of Dancehall Beenie Man. "Di bowy switch and a par wid di fish - him violate and dis him real friends dem," as usual an angry Bounty Killer said.

A female patron at the back was really concerned for the Beenie Man fans - saying, "The way how dem people yah agwaan over this animosity among the deejays them, it seems like dem would a kill any Beenie Man fans in a de club."

Before the Killer went off the stage he declared that he's going to straighten out some B*mbocl**t men weh lean, especially deejay Vybz Kartel. Yuh come beg mi fi buss yuh when yuh did a bl**dcl**t suffer, ba**yboy over portmore - how you fi go tek side wid di fish."