Blackrose explains her love for Dancehall


Blackrose333.jpgBlackrose is an East African artist who is widely in love with Jamaica. I love Jamaica because of the reggae music, people, talents and dancing. I had been growing up watching much of VHC1, MTV there I discover some of my favourite artists like Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Neneh Cherry, Mc Hammer and more. By age of 8 I was exposed into reggae music. My bigger brother Anil Mohamed owned several reggae records and his favourite was Bob Marley. I loved the music of Bob Marley too we use to listen to his tracks often. As the years went by I got to know Maxi Priest, Patra, Shaba Ranks and Diana King. That was when I was 12 years I started to learn me dancing Dancehall/ Reggae Muffin as it was called those days. Then right then I started composing my own songs.

I was singing to my friends and family for fun. While at school in Uganda I won a singing contest by singing Patra's song "Worker Man". The artist who held the contest was known by name of Shanks Vividee and I was to attend to any of his show by mentioning Patra`s name. It was just one simple call I made at one radio station one day in Tanzania. I was to send shout out to my friends and the Dj asked me to hang on he will talk to me after he set the song I request on air. Anxiously I waited and there he was on phone again John Delinga. He though I had a sweet voice and he was wondering if I could sing. I admitted yes I could and it is one of my dreams. Right there and then I was invited to open the concert for different artists from Tanzania. I cried loud said "I have songs but no instrumental". He assured me that would not be a problem at all can be fixed by using other artist beats that goes with my song.

The day came and i went to club Bilicanas in Dar-es - Salaam. I made a performance that night and people came to me after asking me whose song was that I performed. I told them it was mine. They were very pleased and asked me to pursue my music career further. I didn't know how to continue.One day I met the assistant manager of Clouds Fm and asked me to join into the music project. I went there with my music book with almost 80 songs by age of 16. We selected "Sijui Niseme" and the song was recorded with Mj Production and released year 2000. Lucky enough I was people loved the song and encourage me to do more songs. I went to record other songs with Don Bosco studio unfortunately somebody I gave all money to pay for my recording stole it. Then I got stuck right then. I had to work hard to collect some cash and my sister Cleopatra contributed big time into my album. Then I got a chance to record with Bongo records I made about 7 songs with them. But I didn't release the material. I was not only focused into music though I did several shows and covers on magazines like Femina. I had to study and that was in another country in Uganda. Later on I moved to Norway and continue studying Fashion Design until today. Fashion is my passion just like music.

In Norway I entered singing competition Idol unfortunately I didn't go further throughout the competition. Then there I met a man called Pal Gazchmann contributing his business card for his recording studio. Trondheim studio that is the one am working with today. I work with great producer known as Conor Patric, Idd Aziz the drummer from Kenya, Sonny the guitarist and more. Now at the age of 25 then I realize everything for sure has it own time to be done. I feel so much stronger now and matured to do my music the way i want. I have made songs in Swahili and English. Into my album which will be released in late June will have Reggae, Dancehall and pop all available in Swahili and English. You just going to love the songs into this album.

Internet is people's best friend. I had it much easier to advertise my music through different websites. I came across myspace and there I met so much wonderful people. Not mentioning Jamaican friends. I then got lucky to feature with Konshens from Jamaica in one of my songs Sugar into Melting Sugar. Konshens he is so talented and am so glad to work with him. I hope someday it will be with Buju Banton or Cecile. I traveled to I still continue working with my album to make it with the Baddest sound. All I want to do is make people dance and connect. I traveled to East Africa for Christmas holiday and did some promotion in Zanzibar and Tanzania. At myspace website is worldwide thing and am so glad for having internet today makes it somehow easier to artists. Keep spreading them roots of Blackrose with love and support. One of my hugest dreams is to perform in Jamaica and dance reggae and dancehall all night long.