Don Mafia and Beenie Man feud


Photos by: Carlington Wilmot


YES!! yes mi deh yah sah it deh pon we in a dis country yah, di police dem a dead like woah! A wha happen man, jus other day again a police get shot a Brook Valley no sah sumtin nuh rite. Please mi a beg unu maintain di peace.

Pon di topic of death - YardSuss send condolences fi Curly Locks from Twins of Twins his child died from Tomaine poisoning but im a question the cause, im say im nuh tink a dat still . All our love goes out to you.

Don Mafia wearing bulletproof vest

No sah a how Don Mafia a talk di tings dem suh pon BeenieMan, if u neva tune in to Onstage pon CVM unu miss out. Keep wearing yuh bullet proof vest cus we nuh wah hear seh u drop out like the unsolved mystery. Lawd god! Don Mafia it all look like seh a di ole a Beenie Man hits u write, gwaan yah Mafia carry yuh lawyer dem come from farin and sue im cause im nuh memba weh yuh do fi him, but wen u get di money memba mi.

Gal a fight ova Ele?

Lawd god somebody can tie mi up wid piece a rope? Because this need more people fi laugh, now tell me a wha fighting ova man gone to? Gal a fight ova Ele? Yes Elephant man im same one, weh pop dung like ole shoes back. Anyway Ele u handcuff a happen deh doa. A musi hand cuff dem wah u handcuff dem mmmm.

Liquid driving the girls dem crazy

People from the other mi hear sehh a crazy girls a fight over a Liquid, uptown, down town, all-around town. A now mi know why dem call him Liquid the man swifter than water it self. But guess what him never did swift enough fi hide from YardFlex. Yes mi chile mi spot liquid at T.G.I.F a dine with a girl and mi know sehh a nuh Milk or Miss J dat, suh tell me a who is this new one him have pon di endz now. Story cum to bump

Hollow Point mek dem tek weh dem self

Lawd god, yuh nuh badman badness dem bringing yuh in, a weh mek one a Idonia poop inna pants fren dem tink dem coulda chuck badness to HollowPoint a Bembe Thursday last week, dem neva see a who an im did a par ehhh! Afta dir Ras tell dem fi cool dem self, a peace we a deal wid, dem deh deh a hitch same way, Woa!! Mi hear seh di Ras rise di machine and di poop inna pants crew tek up dem foot inna dem hand. All Dj Liquid weh deh pon di stage mi hear bus a Asafa.

Aidonia's 'from dem dis' - no credit

Bounty, Dj Liquid and VP unu sort out unu ting cause unu know seh a Idonia medz 'From dem dis' yes a im an Bounty do di tune but a im medz it cause we know Idonia nuh write song, now di man nah get im royalties and credits and all dem tings deh. Unu sort out unu ting fast.

Big up Mi Florida links

Big up Junior Reid im a do im ting internationally. Gwaan tek it to dem cause dis is why yuh Hott!!.