Beres and Marcia shower North America with love


Beres_Hammond_Marcia_griffiths_Love_for_reggaeA.jpgThe Rodeo Grounds in Daisy Miami was full to capacity leaving a heap of people outside and turned away from the February 10, 2007 staging of Beres Hammond and Marcia Griffiths, 'For The Love Of It Tour. A crowd of 7000 strong rammed the venue that had its doors closed by police to maintain capacity codes.

This audience knew what to expect and the best is what they got, as both artists brought them to the raw foundation with energy driven performances. Marcia rip it up - especially on the piece that had everyone chanting "To the left to the left."

Beres did not disappoint either - riding each and every rhythm to a heart-rending finish line where fans met him with tumultuous wails of approval. His amazing voice worked it all out for the massive, who put up no resistance to the overwhelming thrills sent their way by Beres.

Taking their love for reggae music on the road throughout North America since January, Beres Hammond and Marcia Griffiths have been well received at every point of this 27 city 8 week tour.