Grooving with Regina - Miss Jamaica 2001


Photos by Carlington Wilmot


Name: Ginastars

Date of Birth: April 28 1984

Weight: not at liberty to say! lol - joke! who cares 145

Nationality: Jamaican

Location: Florida

Achievements: Miss Jamaica World 2001, Leading actress Goathead(Jamaican Film) Short appearance in One Love(Jamaican Film)

What do you like most about your self: Positive attitude

Favourite dish: Love ma saltfish, I can eat it with anything!

most embarrassing moment: Ha there are soo many, I'm such a klutz, I guess recently - After nailing a modeling contract for a big company, falling down the entire flight of stairs in front of them; ahh I hate remembering that
Happiest moment: Hmm so many of those as well, My new addition - is my happiest and proudest moment

Favourite colour: KoloRssss!! big up!! its all about TRue KoloRs - I love all kolors im working with the color blue at the moment

Favourite Traveling destination: I haven't been there yet, I need to travel the world - but so far, South Africa!

Advice to upcoming models: Be yourself, Never compromise your values and morals for anything or anyone. Stay focused and believe in yourself, before you start believing anything else anyone has to say. Never give up your dreams...You are beautiful..Its just so much better when it comes from the inside as well

1)Positive brings positive..
2) Do onto others as you would have them do onto you
3) Only the truth can set you free, so be true to yourself and the rest will flow...
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