Reggae artiste Taurus Riley 'Firing Musical Shots'



'The man who thinks he's larger than life' the title of the Taurian's first album formerly introduced Omar Riley a.k.a Taurus Riley into the music industry in 2001. The name Taurus Riley originated from him being ruled under the sign Taurus and the style he first came on the scene with, his friends said he fired musical shots with the fast pace that he would deejay, both were combined hence the name Taurus Riley.

The new musical sensation got hands on experience from his dad Jimmy Riley who is a veteran in the music fraternity, he shared, that life was always in the studio and traveling with his dad and so he was exposed to the music and to other veterans which he looks up to such as Beres Hammond and instrumentalist Dean Frazer.

At age ten he started fooling around with different instruments and just created a vibe vocally; his mother was his motivator as she insisted on him to pursue his talent, his father was also adamant but mainly his mother.

What you see is what you get from the musical sniper as his career did not take off as he would wanted but some how he says he fired a musical bullet which connected in April of 2006, he describes the feeling to be overwhelming as he didn't expect such a great response to his music, he shares that he tries to make his music to empower people and to uplift. His hit single 'Stay with You' which brought him on the scene was doomed to be a chart topper, for him, he said he visited his heart for another hit because 'Stay with you' was not an original, however his old track 'Larger than life' from his first album was reintroduced and the love is overwhelming. 'BeWare' is another track that is conscious and is well received across the airwaves both locally and internationally.

The introduction to his 15 track album 'Parables' produced under Dean Frazer Canon Production was launched in the heat of his career, on October 21st of 2006, fans were introduced to the musical shooter as they saw how well he used words emphatically. He explains that "Parables the name of the album had to be used because of the versatility and creativity he displayed, parables is also a track on the album he states that the nursery rhymes, we grew up on has meaning behind them, therefore I saw the need to play with the nursery rhymes a little to educate the youths of some of these things we face each day. For example the three blind mice... Are the big guys that put price on the rice". In other tracks he speaks on humanitarian topics such as bleaching, the lack of jobs and racism still being exercised in our societies. From talks with VP Records the distributors of the album, it is well received both here and abroad. Taurus expresses the love and respect he has been receiving from is fans, throughout all, his recognition and achievements he maintains his goal in music which is not to preach to people but to uplift youths and to increase peace and love in societies.