Buffilous - Natty over green card


Buffilous_Dancehall_SexyGirls_sexy_girls_models.jpgOn the day that a 5.3 earthquake on the Richter scale hit Jamaica, mi get some bad news from one of mi girlfriend dem from farin. She go get tangled inna one what mi call 'Visa Marriage' but she did in love with the coot at the time, but she neva know say him is a real ole dawg who caan keep him tings inna him pants.

She bawl to me how she go search him email - by accident she claim - and find out say him is a swinger because the two couples dem weh him have sex wid send him some kinky email and ah talk 'bout dem experiences together. My girl shock, her hair almost turn gray, because she never woulda guessed that her man was a GRIMY NIGGA. So she start pay careful attention to what a gwaan and insist pon him using a condom because the HIV ting wicked. That is when she start see more tings, him come home wid sperms pon him underpants and dem dutty tings de. So my girl just start move him quietly, especially since the loving neva too right.

She find a little natty pon the side who ah chop out her grass quietly, and the way the wine good. Gwaan my friend, yu have must-get-diamond-&-blings wine, yu have the tight-o, right-o, HEY! Anyway, my girl just a wait pon her green card now fi move yu the dutty bwoy because she no used to dem kinda two-man lifestyle weh she a live right now. She marry him for love, but him marry her for a house slave and dem tings de. She wash, iron, cook fi him, him get him good good break fast and dinner, and yet him still GRIMY. One thing though, she stop sleep with Mr. Grimy after the Natty gave her the sweet wine, along with flowing love lines in her ears.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Live with a nigga for six months before yu marry him and no marry fi papers, yu just a set up yourself for misery and stress. Yu know how much a my friend dem a live unda man govament because dem waan green card. New York, Miami, Atlanta, listen mi when mi talk, ah Buffilous this, and mi know what a gwaan inna the street. No mek dem wrap yu up inna dem dutty life, tek weh yuself. Till next time. Peace.