P Diddy buys bling for kids?


By: Heather

p_diddy_kim_porter_daughters.jpgP Diddy has revealed he's already bought his six-week old daughters their first piece of bling.

Diddy's long term girlfriend Kim Porter gave birth to the twin girls Jessie James and D'Lila Star on 21 December and Diddy, real name Sean Combs, told People recently that he is very much the doting dad.

He said: "I bought them their first pair of diamond earrings. Tiny Tiffany diamonds for babies."

Diddy, who runs the fashion label Sean John, hopes such gifts will pass on his interest in style: "If they're not into fashion, that's cool. But I think they will be."

He added that even at six weeks, the girls are easy to tell apart because Jessie is "always smiling" and D'Lila is "loud and fiery". The girls are named after Sean and Kim's grandmothers respectively.

Source: www.fametastic.co.uk