Mr. Perfect's 'Gidimani' album still doing well


MrPerfect_Gidimani_reggae_Jamaica_sexygirls_sexy_girl.jpgIn the latter part of 2007, Tad's Records International released the debut album for Mr. Perfect titled 'Gidimani'. Loaded with conscious tunes, the album has been holding its own among the many albums released last year, and continues to be a hot item for music lovers.

The album features tracks like 'Hand Kart Bwoy', 'Johnny', 'How Come', 'Amerimaka', 'No Badda Me', 'For Sure', 'All I've Got', Ganja Spliff', Eight Gangster', 'Market Place', 'Cry Me A River', 'Love Has Found It's Way', 'For Ma Family', 'Little Old Lady', 'Rasta Rebel', 'Wingless Earth Angel', Black Marcus, 'Hit Dem' and 'Tyme'.

Ever since he made his presence felt on the Irie FM's Big Break Competition, the dancehall world recognized that Mr. Perfect had something special. No wonder he walked away with the top prize in that competition.

Boosted by the win it was a confident Mr. Perfect who later on came out with his self-produced single 'Hand Kart Bwoy'. The song took off like wildfire, bringing him fully into the public's attention.

He followed up that success with 'How Come', '8 Gangstas', 'Ghetto Colour' and the very popular 'Nuh Badda Mi' which was a runaway hit for him, sitting on the local charts in the top position for five weeks.

The St. Ann-born Mr. Perfect got the attention of producer Tad Dawkin's Senior and it was then that he knew he wanted to do an album with him.

'Gidimani' was co-produced by Tad's Record International and Chalice Palace (Perfect's label).