Talk the things them - Mavado under Pressure - Suss


Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

Mavado_gangsta_for_life_bounty_killer_vybz_kartel_Busy_signal_Alliance_sexygirls.jpgAh pure tings ah happen round Mavado the real mckoy. Him get arrested by the police. The man dem find gun inna him area, and then Bin Laden and him friend dem shoot up place wah day yah, same place rounda Maverly whe Alliance ah plan fi keep show, and then police go kill back Bin Laden inna 'shootout'. Tristan gets arrested and face the court wid a shooting with intent charge. Ah pure tings ah gwaan pon the mad island, people. Pure tings.

Predictions for 2007:

Munga ago be one of the next big artistes, yeah him might even go as far as a Sizzla, I wonder why Capleton have him as flag man so long when him so talented.

It's Einstein, this youth a try buss from before Gang Bang, but guess what it seems like the new girl whe him a date greed wid him because the man just find a new form, a crazy forward him song dem a get a dance. Gwaan duh yuh thing Einstein, but if yuh mess up YardFlex will be there to buss yuh secret.

Yes, this is the most intriguing one, mi know nuff people might think it's over between Kartel and Roach, but guess what I predict that Vybz Kartel and Roach will be friends again for 2007, memories don't live like people do. Remember you see it on YardFlex first.


Selah, mi hear say ah MTV Tempo yu ting de right now, yu game step up. Yu deh a foreign and do crazy interview pon radio and TV, and the press. Mi also hear say him get offers for a number of distribution deals, ah just him management fi choose one right now. Plus 'Lonely Girl' soon drop pon MTV, the ting billias outta road.

Rebel Salute disses Sanchez

Yes last but not least Mr.Rebel Salute how yuh have big act like Sanchez outside di venue a wait how long fi reach in the venue an den a wait di ole nite fi guh pon stage an im nuh perform? Yuh mad!! An dem security deh need fi get laid off quietly imagine tief reach all di way a Backstage an di security jus give di tief way fi pass an im nuh have neither a gun or a knife. Rebel Salute need fi rewind a NUH come again.

Question time

When Don Mafia and Beenie ah go friend back again?

And why Don Mafia picture on the front of the Mafia Bus?

Why Babylon wait so long to free The Cure?

Why the little school pickney dem a bleach out dem face so hard?

When CashFlow plan on releasing the next mix-cd?

How the Sounds of Jamaica showcase inna MIDEM do? The ting sell off?