Dancehall quartet - TOK - Consistent hit makers



Dancehall quartet, TOK, has proven that they are consistent hit makers. Powerful harmonies, soaring leads, sinewy deejaying, tunes that hit, studly appeal, plus a canny album production that goes way beyond the usual "string together proven tunes with new tunes as filler" M.O. all the ingredients are in place and they translate into BREAK-OUT, big time.

Although former schoolmates, TOK has created a place in the Dancehall industry, which they share with no one else. Singjays, Craig "Craigy T" Thompson, Roshaun "Bay C" Clarke, Allistaire "Alexx" McAllister and Xavier "Flexx" Davidson give the group its unique edge. Starting off as a Jamaican R&B group they saw the need to appeal to the massive Dancehall populace. So Craigy T and Bay C worked assiduously to hone their deejay-ing skill.

TOK has been a member of the Dancehall fraternity for over a decade. They have successfully released two albums, the critically acclaimed, My Crew, My Dawgs and Unknown Language. Their second album, Unknown Language, was certified gold in two weeks in Japan, which went platinum shortly after.

The group is well-known for their chart toppers: Eagles Cry, Footprints, Bad Man, Galang Gal, She's Hot, Hey Ladies and Gal Yuh A Lead.

Now two albums deep, the still untitled third album is well on its way. Working with the best of the best Dancehall producers, the album, slated to be dropped later this year, is guaranteed to be a hot one. With songs like, Hotta, Bounce, Get Insane and Live It Up, the new LP is highly-anticipated.