Vybz Kartel and Mavado beef deep - what's next?


Photo by: Carlington Wilmot


How the Kartel-Mavado ting get so deep? Wah dat Kartel ah talk 'bout Dahlia, Mavado babymother? Wha dat Mavado say bout Kartel babymother and the oral sex argument? Which soldier man de wid one of Mavado bonafide woman weh him a wife up? Yo, the way it look, dem man de caan share a stage together again. It look bad fi the music business though. And see now the police dem start blacklist the deejay dem, the police dem no give no permission fi 'Strip Tease' up ah UTech if Kartel and Mavado de pon the show.


Gyptian's big song, 'Serious Times' de #21 on the Vibe top 60 songs for 2006. Plus the man get nominated for album of the year in Playboy magazine. Since him drop Wong, him career just a blossom to a higher level. The video fi 'My Fadah Say' ah shoot this week, so yu nah stop cramp dem fi the new year.

Little Shotta at School

Oonu watch the news wah day ya, and hear 'bout the 15 year-old whofa gun go off and shoot the schoolgirl. Mi know him, him use to live ah Whitfield Town and when him mother and father break up, him end up ah Spanish Town wid him mother and her new man. Bwoy, him is a real little shotter, doan? Cause when the gun off and shoot the girl, my yute just grab up the gun and him bag and hightail it fi the schoolgate. When dem radio ahead and say doan let him out, my yute just back out him gun and mek the security almost piss up himself. Dem him just walk out, jump pon a bus and go Spanish Town go sink off the gun.


When Don Mafia ah go release him new song, 'Death Threat'?

Why Beenie Man have Don Mafia picture posing on the Mafia House bus?

What is going to happen to Mavado and Vybz Kartel - Where do the music industry steps in, now or when it's too late?