Yard Suss - Busy got stung - Aidonia too brite - Shaggy low the hype


busysignal_aidonia_dancehall_reggae_sting2006_sexygirls_sexy.jpgBwoy give thanks fi life cause bwoy it look like a Iraq mi live, a how people a dead suh already and di year jus start, di amount a people dead is more than di date of the year. Good God man we nuh mek out a steel, we nuh have bullet prove skin. Please mi a beg di gunman dem put down di guns, guh look a work and pray. Mek we unite fi di rest a 2007.

Now last year di phase did popular now it worst a nuh phase again. Yuh ave di tights pants bwoy dem and di bleach out face bwoy dem cause anuh man dem. Anyway unu change unu ways cause mi deh a Bembe Thursday and bwoy Jigsy King mi rate yuh talk 'Tight pants bwoy, mi wah k**l unu', 'Bleach out face bwoy Jigsy nuh wah si unu'.

A which female artiste mi hear dem a call bat up and ketch! Woa!! Unu leave di people dem alone cause a one man she got.

A which Elephant mi nah see from weh day yah. Thank yuh Laing because if a neva fi Sting mi nuh si him. Smaddy sey im mussi too busy wid Bad Boys, or a Bad Boys too busy fi im. Mmmm, mi nuh kno, suh mi get it suh mi talk it.

BEMBE! Awah do Demdehhh!! Bwoy how Bembe a happen suh? Mi can believe sey a Oct 12, 2006 unu start Bembe Thursdsay and it sell off suh, farinas a talk bout it, who nuh visit an who whe waan visit, and mi hear sey NightRider come video it suh unu kno sey di dvd deh a farin in a bundle. Ok tru unu ting a happen a musi dats why certain artist and selector a hate pon unu. Woa - a now di hate get bigger cause unu all off BEMBE riddim, mek dem gwan hate, cause a di more tings a happen fi unu. Unu God bless yah! Big up Richie to d Feelings, Jigsy King, Tony Matterhorn, Rolexx and Razz and Biggy unu sell off!

Muma Saw mi hear seh yuh video a mash up di place an ting 'Chat to mi back' gwaan yah nuh gal caan Walkout pon yuh. Big up Sunshine pon Iriefm cause, she love it bad because a beer pull up a gwaan!

A whe Busy, a whe Busy a do? Sting, Sting im up, bwoy some human bees ova Jamworld sting up Busy career cause all now mi caan see nar hear from him. Him swell up? Now patrons how unu stay suh bad unu couldn't step out when di man sey 'Step out'? A joke yah people mi glad cause miself did tiad fi hear dem ole song deh, Busy incase Laing neva tell yuh Sting is a show fi new song and di song must have a vibe a throw word pon people all dem tings deh zeen. Hope di swelling come down soon still.

Spice, dem seh yuh shoulda talkout from longtime. Yuh shoulda stop di weding wen di pastor ask 'If anybody ave anyting to say speak now or forever hold yuh peace'. Cause da box deh wouldn't reach yuh.

A yesiday a Kartel birthday a wonder if Roach call im. Mi nuh kno but a time now fi unu talk back, it nuh look good. Roach mi hear di riddim whe u a work pon it sound good hurry and buss di place yahh!

Now some baddi please to tie mi up wid a rope because a wha Album gone to di odda day mi hear Black-her a work pon album. No sah unu leave mi ya man. Kiprich an him/har anu fren fi write or do nuh more combination wid suh, mi nuh know yahh!

T.O.K please do me an unu a fava jus stick to unu international show dem cause unu nuh mek it ya man. Di oda day a Jr. Gong show unu mek Monster Twinz get more forward dan unu an a dem one tune dem sing "Di gal dem wah we". Mi shame fi unu.

Lawd god! Ruffian u need fi hurry up an guh change u name a Spanish town to Smoothian cause gal tings look like it a gwaan fi yuh now. Mi glad fi si dat. Cause sumting did need fi happen fi yuh.

Ninja man u a really di Don Gorgon because a you alone get dem request deh pon Onstage. Yes mi dear Ninja man did back by popular demand Saturday nite pon CVM suh who neva see it miss it two time.

A suh Liquid hot till girl a mek fuss ova im ! No sah Liquid we haffi have a talk gi mi a call deh! A joke yah mi nuh wah Milk throw way pon me!

A how Shaggy a gwaan suh hype tru im have a new tune a gwaan wid likkle things, memba seh wen u hype pon Jamaican people yuh mek tings worst pon yuhself. Afta im deh a Sting an di media people dem want little drops and interview im ago hype up im self a tell one prominent lady bout how him come a Sting fi enjoy di passa passa an di media dem jus a run im down, im wah enjoy di show tell me now a how im hott suhh!!!!Yuh need fi cool down! before yuh fur them fall off.

Idonia_aidonia_dancehall_reggae_sting2006_sexygirls_sexy.jpgLast but not least Mr. Aiddonia after yuh get a chance fi perform afta di Grung Gad Bounty Killa, cause mi all did a fret fi yuh cause di way how Sting crowd did wah see a clash wid Beenie mi tink dem did ago boo yuh as u come on, suh di show can move fast. Anyway yuh come dressed in yuh all white and mash up di place mi nah lie u did a gwaan good, but when yuh a go tell di crowd fi support dem madda! No sah u need fi rewind an nuh come again. Yuh Brite! What happn to u mada she dead or she dis-own yuh, we both kno dat nuh guh suh. Mi nuh dun yet, a big man like Skatta big producer whey get ASCAP award and deh pon billboard an ting whey carry yuh name from Jamaica guh a Timbuktu yuh come a dis up a Jamworld? Whe dat fa? Dat neva call fa a wha u did nervous, or a tru Sting love di passa passa an u nuh ave nuttn fi gi dem fi rail bout? Suh yuh dis di big man, well mi nuh affi remind yuh whe Sting crowd give u aftta dat, all now dem shoulda a Boo yuh and bokkle u rahtid u neva know seh Skatta is a well loved and respected man, yes him god bless and remember this if im a Ba**y man u a Ba**y man. U too brite!

Bout yuh tell crowd fi support them madda, yuh neva know seh me was a part of di crowd suh dat means seh yuh dis me to.

Walk good people! Big up Kartel his Birthday was yesterday, Xavier from T.O.K was January 1st and Skatta January 2nd

Yes YardFlex get rid of the next gal dat used to rite this column because she gwaan like she afraid fi chat dem business, a neva me tell them fi mek me know fi dem business and them know me luv chat. Becareful how uhno chat because I might deh beside you listening.